The main activity of the company is based on the implementation of investment projects in the role of coordinator of projects in many different branches of business, so the company can boast a large know-how in the field of effective and optimal in terms of organizational and financial implementation of business projects.


In recent years, the company has developed activities in the media and entertainment industry. ROGOŻ successfully provides comprehensive services related to film production - from script preparation, through film production, to film editing and graphic post-production, including animation creation. The company primarily produces television entertainment programs, films and documentary series, as well as feature series. In addition to film production strictly it organizes big events special type of concerts and events.


ROGOŻ also invests in projects at the interface of new technologies and media, including the use of big data and artificial intelligence. The company also engaged in innovative projects in the entertainment industry, which rely on the use of drones to carry out multimedia presentations. ROGOŻ, cooperating with scientists and specialists from the industry, is looking for innovative technological solutions to control many drones in real time.

About the company ROGOŻ